R&D related information
The development status and future plans for coal mining robot
  • To develop remote controlled mining robot in order to provide safety for miners working in dangerous and poor conditions and to increase productivity
Development status
  • Selected as the government-supported project with research fund of 3 billion won for 3 years, on October 1st, 2009.
  • Currently under joint development with KAIST, Hydromatics Co., Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials.
    ⇒ First robot design draft to be completed in the first half of this year.
  • Successfully passed the evaluation of first-year mining robot development research by the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology.
  • To complete prototype mining robot by the second half of 2010 through joint development of KAIST, Hydromatics Co., Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials.
  • Planning to experimentally use the robot in the underground production site at Hwasun mine.
  • Planning to use it in Janseong and Dogye mines after thorough application and improvement from 2012.
    ⇒ expected to contribute to work safety and efficiency.
Expected Effect
  • Expected profit of 5 billion won a year for every 5% increase in the production efficiency.
  • Expected to contribute to lifesavings in natural disaster and counter-terrorism.