The Current state of coal import and overseas mine development, and mid & long term plan.
  • To provide long-term stability of domestic coal supply and demand by direct development of overseas mines
  • To improve business dependent upon domestic coal industry by making profit and to establish the foundation for future growth
To research overseas prospective mines with economic feasibility and investment security and promote business
  • To choose the promising overseas mines and check business validity by information research and on-site visit.
    - To collect information and plan business promotion.
    - To check the validity of development by inspecting mines.
  • To secure and develop economically feasible mines through checking business validity.
    - To evaluate mines for business validity and establish development plan.
    - To promote joint business through consortium with domestic private companies.
    - To plan step-by-step strategies for investment security and early profit making
※ Step by step strategy
Research - On site survey - Feasibility - Investment decision
To build cooperative system with related institutions for effective business promotion
  • To promote cooperative business operation with related domestic and overseas related institutions and governmental and privately owned companies.
  • To build information exchange networks for collecting and utilizing overseas information.
Overseas mine development road map
Step1('10) - Step2('11-12) - Step3('13-15)
※ Overseas mines currently being developed Summary of the business in development
Mines location condition Status Plan
Nuurst khotgor
Bituminous mine
Area: 1,616ha
minable amount: 76million tons

Quality: 7,000kcal/kg

Method: outdoor mining
  • On site survey and evaluation of business feasibility
  • On site Mine inspection: Technology, law, economic feasibility (accounting)
  • To make decision after on site mine inspection
  • To establish domestic consortium and contract for securing mine shares
  • To establish development and management plans
Expected Effects
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