The current state of coal gasification technology industry and mid & long term plan
The current and future business plans for gasification of anthracite/plastic waste mixture fuel
  • To get profit through improving environment and diversifying business
    - To landfill and incinerate 70% of yearly-produced 2.5 million tons of plastic waste (Ministry of Environment)
  • Successfully completed the pilot stage of research and development for gasification of domestic coal/plastic waste mixture fuel (1 ton per day)
  • Currently testing the mixture fuel gasification equipment with a commercializing capacity of producing 10 tons per day
  • Planning the architectural design of mixture fuel manufacturing factory, its location, and supply lines
Future Plan
  • Planning to test supply and commercialize gasification business in 2011.
    - Increasing the number of Co-fired red brick, fireproof materials, tile and other co-fired material business up to 90.
    - Enhancing the possibility to substitute for small and medium sized kerosene boilers at paper and chemical manufactories.
Expected Effect
  • To produce clean fuel using waste materials and fossil fuel to reduce oil import.
    - Fuel cost for a co-fired red brick manufactory: about 1.0 billion per year
    ⇒ Possible to reduce fuel cost by 30% per year
  • One mixture fuel manufactory producing 100 thousand tons a year with 30 gasification equipments can expect about 4 billion won of net profit a year.
    - The investment for constructing a factory with capacity of 100 thousand tons a year is expected to be 20 billion won.