Welcome to Korea Coal Corporation(KOCOAL). Since its foundation in 1950, KOCOAL has been contributing to the development of the nation and the advancement of people's life through the stable supply of coal resources. To complete its mission, KOCOAL has produced 180 million tons of coal until 2009, which is a remarkable achievement as the nation's sole government-owned coal corporation.
On top of its commitment to produce domestic anthracite, KOCOAL continues its efforts to secure the stable supply of coal resources in rapidly changing world energy markets and develop eco-friendly coal application technologies.

Aiming at "a public energy corporation creating future values," KOCOAL will make it a workplace where all employees enjoy working in a friendly atmosphere and a public corporation which can be loved by the Korean people, the real owners of KOCOAL, by practicing transparent management and completing social responsibility.
Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2010, KOCOAL will take another great step toward a totally refurbished corporation through capability reinforcement, technological innovation, customer satisfaction, and community services. We expect constant care and support from all of you.
Thank you very much.